We never thought lockdown would have taught us this…

We are going to share our 3 biggest take home points. Sit tight, this could be mind-blowing. Meaning short and sweet.

1- Valuing Time- we can all agree, for at least a period, this was the case. It has been an opportunity to reflect on day-to- day life. Being forced to stop everything makes you realise what matters the most. It’s the little things that you once didn’t make the ‘time’ for, because you were so busy with work etc.

2- Change of Environment- The ‘stay at home’ message made us all think more about what was around us. You may not have realised what was actually in your house until you had to sit and stare at it all day… because there was nothing else to do. So, this allowed you to get stuck into jobs from your long ‘to do’ list. Getting outdoors became a big part of everyone’s day, just to see something different and improve mental health.

3- Appreciation- it’s the little things in life. Until it all got stripped away from us, a lot of people had taken things for granted. You couldn’t just nip for a coffee, or go meet a friend, go shopping or go out and enjoy yourself. You had to make the most of what you had at home. We would get dressed up for a date night in the kitchen and enjoy things as much as we could. Family time became non-existent and it all soon became virtual.

To summarise, it makes you reflect on all aspects of your life and how you spend your time. So, coming out of lockdown you need to remember what you learnt and take this back into ‘normal’ life.

Abbie & Luke x

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