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Coached by – Luke

“This is me 8 yrs ago just after having brain surgery for Dystonia, I never thought I would be capable of going to the gym let alone enjoying it and making it part of my daily routine!! Before my surgery exercise was the last thing on my mind as I was slim and struggled to put on weight. Since joining the gym and starting to use Luke pt service @musclecoachuk it has transformed my view on gyms and fitness. Luke has given me the confidence to use the gym independently as well as with him something I never dreamed of!! I have come such a long way that I did a photo shoot at the age of 51 completely out of my comfort zone but I did it and was very happy with the results. Now I’m just continuing with my fitness as it helps my well being overall and continuing to enjoy the gym.”


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Coached by – Luke

“Within 5 weeks of starting my training I had locked in and committed to a further 6 months of 1-2-1 training with Luke… I think that speaks volumes in itself !! In the current lockdown situation I had no option but to turn to online coaching. During this difficult time Luke has still pushed me and motivated me, he knows how I work best and has given me a focus. I know if I didn’t have Luke and the accountability at this time my fitness and health (physically and mentally) would have drastically deteriorated. I can’t thank Luke enough for everything he has done and continues to do for me on a daily basis and I look forward to continuing to work together and see what we can achieve 💪”


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Coached by – Luke

“Amazing coach, achieving things I never thought I would. Always there to offer support and advice. Best decision I’ve made for a long time to trust him.”


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Coached by – Luke

“I contacted Luke because he’s one of the few who understand #shiplife and the challenges we experience on ships and at home. With the vague goals I gave him, Luke put together a plan for me that encompassed exercise and nutrition as well as mental health and routines to make the most of my days off. In less than 2 months, I’ve seen such positive changes in my fitness and health. Having his guidance and accountability on top of his professional knowledge has been key to this success. I’m excited to work with Luke to keep this going as I start my next contract on board!”

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Coached by – Abbie

“Working with Abbie has been one of the best things I have ever done. We worked intensely together for a photo shoot prep and the results speak for themselves. I achieved results I had only ever dreamed of before. Abbie was an absolute rock throughout the whole process, supporting me 100% of the time and treated my goal as if it was her own. I could not be more pleased with the progress I have made since starting with Abbie xx”

Kim – 6 months

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Coached by – Abbie

“I started this journey because I was unhappy with how I looked. I often got comments like ‘how far gone are you?’ because I was so bloated I looked heavily pregnant. I had always been very slim at a size 6/8, up until my late teens when I started to gain weight slowly without noticing, until it peaked and I was so unhappy. I tried to make ‘smart choices’ myself but was only eating 700-800 calories per day, feeling tired and fatigued. I decided to train with Abbie because I had seen her do the same journey and excelled so much that I thought ‘why can’t I?’. Within a few weeks of starting to train with Abbie, I noticed my bloating was massively reduced and my confidence was increasing week by week. Now I’m eating more food than ever, without thinking about the number of calories. I have put my trust into Abbie and believe she will guide me on this path. The first 4-6 weeks of training, I was having one session per week in the gym with Abbie and not going alone. I slowly gained my confidence and happily train alone every week, even trying new weights and machines. Along the way, I learned that I use the gym to not only help my appearance but my spinal condition called Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Abbie was doing weekly back strengthening exercises with me and I am now pain medication free for the first time since being a child, a massive achievement! But this journey isn’t just physical for me. All of these troubles affected my mental health to the point it was the worst it had ever been. I had never felt so alone, depressed and unhappy within myself. I can proudly say, I am now in the best mental state I could have imagined! I owe so much to Abbie for the confidence she has instilled in me and the guidance she has and continues to give me every day 💙”

Emily – 6 months

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Coached by – Abbie

“Having Abbie as my coach has changed my whole life and together I feel we can accomplish anything. Not only has my whole mindset towards food changed but I now appreciate my body and what it can achieve. Abbie’s confidence in my abilities, pushes me to believe in myself. Team muscle coach 💙”

Katy – 6 months

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Coached by – Abbie

“When I started with Abbie it wasn’t just to “lose weight” it was for structure, a purpose and to help me love myself again. I have changed so much as a person. Not always 100% on it and ya don’t need to be it’s about balance you have to enjoy it! sometimes I do still fall off wagon and binge eat and drink but I’ve not quit and that’s something I’m proud of. Abbies always there to listen and help and boy does she push me in my sessions! Starting with musclecoach I’ve met some real genuine people some of which I’m lucky enough to call friends. It’s not just a stereotypical diet and exercise it’s a lifestyle change and a community. Every week I’m learning more about myself and my abilities I’m a not who I was back in January and Abbie and musclecoach as a whole as been a massive part of that. The relationship I have with Abbie is amazing we’re honest with eachother we have a laugh and most importantly I trust her💙”

Chelsea – 9 months

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