Behind the scenes of the new spring collection…

The Spring Collection!

So, we wanted to spice things up a bit in our shop and thought what better way than to start doing collections for different seasons?! We also wanted to add a few items to our original section to make it more appealing to everyone! So let us introduce you the new upcoming Musclecoach UK Spring Collection.

First step… we started looking on the supplier’s website and picked out a few items to try, once decided we chose our colours (definitely the hardest part). It was like Christmas day when it all arrived and we really did get so excited. Luke then booked a photoshoot with Alex Whiteman where we had shots in ALL the items… in the snow… and freezing cold temperatures. We are committed to our brand!

We got the photos back and LOVED them. From here we decided we wanted to give our clients first hands on our new collection, so the photos went in our group chat and the orders came IN! We gave clients a discount as a thank you gesture; we appreciate the support so much (as you all know)

You can see the new photos around the website and there will be a coming soon section on the shop, so keep your eyes peeled!

Abbie & Luke x

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