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I can honestly say Luke has changed my life I’ve never had anyone push me to the level this guy has. I came with the simple goal get me looking great for my holiday. That very quickly changed to longer term goals. I’ve always considered myself fit from years of football and MMA but this guy has took my physical and mental health to new limits. Also worth noting the guy is an absolute inspiration. Worth every penny I urge you to go with Luke if you want to achieve your dreams.

Josh P

Luke has been fantastic from the 1st day i started with him. Hes given me soo much confidence being in the gym environment. Really easy to talk too. I am really excited to see my progression throughout the next few months. Keep up the good work luke!!


Luke is hands down one of the best Personal Trainers I have worked with.
He knowledgable, passionate and above all he gets results.
If you’re looking for a PT that knows their stuff but also is down to earth then contact Luke


Being coached by Luke was an amazing experience, he was there every step of the way always pushing me and bringing out the best in me! I would highly recommend him as a coach! Thanks mate!!!


After gaining the confidence to join the gym Luke has been brilliant in giving me the motivation to continue. He is always full of energy and passes his knowledge on to enable me to learn how to progress. I have had amazing results and now love going to the gym!! ????


Luke is hands down 1 of THE BEST personal trainers around. He is so down to earth & attention to detail is second to none. Luke is amazing & definitely knows his stuff, he will come up with a nutrition plan & workout routine based on your individual strengths and capabilities.


I would 100% recommend Luke if you’re looking for a coach/PT. Starting PT for me was quite scary and I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but Luke has always made me feel comfortable when training. He listens to what you want to work on and makes sure you set yourself goals to work towards. He’s always on the other side of the phone if/when you need him and is full on motivational one liners ????????????.
I’m 4 months in and am seeing big changes which I’m very happy about. I’ve grown in confidence when in the gym thanks to Luke and I feel comfortable and confident to go in the weight area alone… which is a BIG thing for me ????.
Thanks Luke, can’t wait to keep seeing results!????????????????????


Amazing coach, achieving things I never thought I would. Always there to offer support and advice. Best decision I’ve made for a long time to trust him.


I’ve been having PT’s with luke for 4 weeks now and what a guy, he’s taught me so much already and makes things just click.
Don’t get me wrong he puts you through your paces and takes you to the very edge and he will amaze you on what your capable of!
Can’t wait to continue my journey with him
I’ve already realised I’m capable of much more than I ever dreamed of.


I have known Luke for over 3 years now and since the day I met him he has been the hardest working and most consistent person I know. Luke truly puts himself in the shoes of his clients and builds a relationship of trust and loyalty with his client base. I have never personally seen a trainer transform clients the way Luke has.

He does this two ways. First by leading the training program with meticulous muscle science. As a professional he understands the human body and knows exactly the program and workouts you need to achieve your goals. Second he trains the mindset. When a person is training inside the gym they are competing with themselves. When your mind is focused, motivated and driven to achieve the results you desire then you become unstoppable. Luke teaches principals of discipline and forward thinking to guide his clients into physical success.

I will forever support Muscle Coach. I feel that an investment in Luke is and investment in YOU.

I’ve been working with Luke now for just over a year and without a shadow of a doubt he has changed my life. He’s inspired me to do better and has literally changed the way I think, how I process things and where I want to be in my life. He’s made me realise that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just lifting weights a few times a week, but that it’s a way of life, its not just physical but mental too. Working with Luke has given me a new lease in life. I have goals to live by now, a routine in my day and something to feel good about. He motivates you when you need it and gives praise where praise is due. He really cares about his clients and it shows.

Luke is a brilliant coach. He listens to what your goals are and is always there on the phone to help out or give advice. I trained with Luke last year but due to personal reasons I stopped but I cannot wait for one day to get back training with him. He had the BEST clothing too.. musclecoach is my everyday wear it’s so comfortable.????