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The Musclecoach Team


Head coach

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Meet Abbie in the video above and see all that she offers.

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Meet Kirsty in the video above and see all that she offers.

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Hi, I’m Luke

Hey everyone, Luke here – Musclecoach U.K. owner. I offer online coaching.

Using 6 years of experience I will provide ‘results with care’ and lead you to healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

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Hi, I’m Abbie

Hey! I’m Abbie a personal trainer and online coach for Musclecoach. I’m based at Anytime Fitness, Sutton-In-Ashfield where I’m also a class instructor. I first came into the business as a client and my own journey led me where I am today!

If you’re feeling nervous, don’t worry I get it becuase I’ve been there myself… this is why I want to help! See my video for a little more information about me ☺️

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Hi, I’m India

Hi I’m India,

I have been in the fitness industry for the past 7 years managing gyms, coaching clients and teaching classes.

In the most recent years I have been looking at the overall well-being of my clients. Ensuring their mental well-being is just as good as their physical health.

It’s very important all of my clients are integral, honest and have the drive to want to change their lives.

If you would like to have a chat feel free to drop me a message

Hi, I’m Kirsty

I’m Kirsty and I am an online coach and 1-1 personal trainer at Anytime Fitness Sutton in Ashfield.

Fitness is a passion of mine and it has had a massive impact on my life. However I have not always loved fitness, there was a time I would shy anyway from any form of exercise and you would certainly not have seen me in a gym. As a busy working mum I had every excuse under the sun to not exercise.

My mindset started to change when I wanted to lose weight, I then realised I needed to get fit too and that was not going to be achieved from dieting alone. I then joined a gym and signed up to coaching with Luke.

I have had a coach myself for two years now and the help and support I have gained from this and the investment I have made in myself is incomparable, not just physically but mentally too. I have achieved things I never knew where possible.

Fitness and overall health and wellbeing can bring so much joy and happiness to a persons life and I want to help people achieve their goals and be fit healthy and happy.

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