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luke beastall

I help ambitious men 30-50 lead from the front, become highly engaged, gain unbreakable confidence and solidify a mental and physical shape for life.


I’m a fitness and lifestyle specialist who has been coaching clients all over the world for the past 7 years.

My passion lies in containing enjoyment with exercise to fuel the body and mind. My theory of working both body and mind together is a tool for success; creating the elusive feel good factor with enhanced personal discipline.

As many others do, I grew up playing football, I played at a high level, this sporting background helped me achieve a 2 year scholar at two separate English professional clubs - Rotherham United FC and Bury FC.

Through my footballing career I got hooked on nutrition for performance, how fuelling properly could enhance your game. The biggest component for me was mental health. I found myself stuck in depression from the ages of 19-21 which led me to seek for professional help.

Getting an understanding of how the mind and body feels through a structured game plan got me excited to share with others.

From my own personal growth, I had a feeling this was the career path for me. So, I stepped up and committed to personal training.

I didn’t stay in the U.K. long, as soon as I was qualified I made the transition to work with Steiner who are partnered with the best cruise liners in the world. A 9 month fitness trainer contract awaited me after an intense 3 weeks of training in London.

It’s allowed me to expand my knowledge, experience and my own personal development having the opportunity to travel to over 30 different countries and work with some varied individuals.

This was the stepping stone needed to create Musclecoach U.K. 2 and 1/2 years travelling the globe was enough for me to kick off my own fitness brand.

Transitioning back to land life has provided me to work with a wide array of the general population helping clients who want to rehab from injuries, weight loss, improve performance, build muscle, improve mobility or even just general health and well-being.

On a personal level I’ve always trained to learn my craft. Having a clear picture of what it feels like to understand a calorie surplus, calorie deficit and maintenance phases. I’m a firm believer if you haven’t done it yourself first, you shouldn’t be working with that specific client.

I’ve never wanted to be massive, I want to look and feel great in myself when socialising with friends.. it’s the approach I take with my clients! To achieve this I use my unique strategies that I’ve trialled and tested over the years.

I’ve found a sweet spot where you can lead a healthy lifestyle, sustain it and feel unstoppable! Having helped 100s of people’s lives through this process, it’s been the missing piece to their puzzle. Some like to say it’s given them a lifeline.

Guys come to me exhausted of having no idea where to start after years of neglecting their bodies. Feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there. I fully believe keeping things as basic as possible with nutrition and training because it produces the best results. My clients are a walking example of this.

I want to educate clients with only the need to know facts, the facts that will not just help achieve a lifestyle transformation but will get then there in the most efficient way possible, with them enjoying the process every step of the way.

I Co-foundered Master Your Life with my fiancé Abbie. Together we help men and women regain full control back in their lives. We won’t stop until they’ve mastered it.

abbie brewster

I specialise in helping women with ZERO self-belief, to drop the self-doubt guard and realise they CAN.


Hi, I’m Abbie. Co-Founder of Master Your Life.

Fitness has literally, changed my life. I’ve always been active dancing from the age of 2, right through until I was 18. I love it.

My career however, was in childcare. I was a Deputy Manager and SENCO of a private day nursery for 4 years before leaving and starting my career as an Online Coach, PT and class instructor in a national Lockdown (crazy I know).

I believe you have to take risks in life to find who you truly are (hence the above). If it doesn’t work out, you always have other options. Luckily for me, it worked!

I’d always been a ‘yo-yo-er’ trying all the fad diets, dabbling in training, being scared of lifting weights because I have no idea how to use anything and was always scared I was being stared at or watched. August 2018 is when I said enough is enough and got myself a PT- who is now my fiancé Luke (strictly professional at the time)

From there I fell in love with the whole process, I changed my outlook on fitness and went from seeing it as a chore to seeing it as a way of life. I began to understand that food was not the enemy and my body needed it to fuel training. I completed my first photoshoot in Lockdown 2020 and went through a huge transformation.

This is when I knew I wanted to help women achieve what I did. I was no longer scared of weights, I realised no one was watching me; everyone was in the gym to work and focus on becoming a better version of themselves. I was the most confident I’d ever been.

With the help of Luke I made the transition to become a coach. Since then, i’ve helped 100’s of women build back their relationship with food, learn balance in life, gain confidence in the gym and get rid of that anxiety!

I’ve seen so many woman struggle with the above and I want to help as many woman as I can to concur that fear and MASTER their life. Balance and consistency is your best friend ladies. You can get to where you want to be and I’m living proof of that!

I Co-Founded Master Your Life with my Fiancé Luke. Together we help women and men regain full control back in their lives. We won’t stop until they’ve mastered it


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"It's not just fitness, you develop incredibly as a person. I'm in a much better place than what I was 12 months ago and that isn't just down to weight!"

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary "- Jim Rohn


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Are you ready to master your life?

How many times do I get to see you in a week?

This is an online coaching programme, not an in person programme. However, we love to run community events throughout the year so we will get the chance to meet you.

Can I still go out and enjoy social events on this programme?

100%, we are real people who get real results with real lives. It should be a part of your life enjoying yourself guilt free. This is not a sacrifice you need to make to get the best results.

How long will it take me to see any real results?

It depends on the level of help you need. We always recommend committing long term for the real changes to happen. 1-2 years in our programme will provide everything you need to sustain it for the rest of your life.

Who is this programme for?

Males and females who feel like they are stuck in a rut, who feel like they’ve constantly gone back and forth. But most importantly males and females who want to change their outlook on health and finally put a stop to this. 

Is there a minimum time frame of commitment to Master Your Life?

Yes, we ask for a 90 day commitment from you, this is only the start. The real results will appear within 12-24 months. It’s dependent on the level help you need. You didn’t get where you are now overnight so you cannot expect the same from this programme. 

What is included in this programme?

Everything you need to achieve your desired result. Over the 1-2 year period you are with us, you will be receiving extras. Initially, we don’t want to overwhelm you but we do love to over deliver!

What level of support do I receive?

A very high level of support from not only your coach but the community as well. Communication is the most important thing.

How long will it take to receive my master plan once I’ve signed up?

From the application, call, payment and then receiving all information from enrolment forms. We would say 5 days. Your official start date doesn’t begin until we’ve got you set up with everything.

Who is this programme for?

This is the ideal situation, speaking from experience it is always better together.

When you’re changing your life, you need support and what better way to get this from your partner. They will understand and appreciate what you are going through. Who knows… it could bring you closer together!

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